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5- Year Platinum Protection Plan Coverage for Your Furniture

Fabric Tears. Tables Chip. Cushions Stain.

Even with extra care and attention, furniture can end up damaged. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to worry about your new furniture? With our comprehensive, 5-year Platinum Protection Plan, you won't have to. It will give you peace of mind so you can thoroughly enjoy your furniture or mattress set without worries.

How to Make a Claim

If a stain or damage occurs to your furniture, call to file a service claim. If you are calling after hours, leave a message and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Call 1.866.475.9170

Furniture Coverage for the Platinum Protection Plan

For Fabric, Leather & Vinyl

  • All food & beverage stains
  • Cosmetics & lotions
  • Nail polish & remover
  • Paint & crayons
  • Ink, markers & dyes
  • Grass & mud stains  
  • Bleach
  • Glue, tar, wax & gum
  • Grease & motor oil
  • Rips & punctures
  • Cuts
  • Burns  

Wood & Hard Surfaces

  • All food & beverage stains
  • Cosmetics & lotions
  • Nail polish & remover         
  • Gouges or chips that penetrate finish & expose substrate   
  • Paint & crayons
  • Ink, markers & dyes
  • Grass & mud stains   
  • Cracking, checking, bubbling or peeling of finish caused by a specific incident      
  • Bleach
  • Glue, tar, wax & gum
  • Grease & motor oil   
  • Burns
  • Loss of silvering on mirrors
  • Failure of integral electrical components 

Structural Components

  • Springs *
  • Heating & Vibrating
    Mechanisms *
  • Sleeper Mechanisms *
  • Reclining Mechanisms * 
  • Inclining Mechanisms *

*Once the original manufacturer's structural warranty has expired, we agree to provide service for the above listed specific structural components for the five-year term of this Plan

How this Plan Works

Resolving the Problem

If furniture covered under this Plan requires stain removal or repair, we will attempt to help you resolve the problem over the telephone and/or send you a cleaning kit with advice on how to remove the stain.  


If a stain remains after cleaning or the furniture is otherwise damaged, a Raymour & Flanigan Quality Service Technician will be scheduled for a service call, at no charge, to attempt to remove the stain or repair the damage.  


If the Technician cannot remove the stain or repair the damage, we will, at our option, either re-cover or replace the stained or damaged area. Replacement of a part ends this Plan's coverage of that part (for example, if we replace a seat cushion casing we will not service or replace that seat cushion again). We may use original or non-original parts or substitutions at our sole discretion. Due to variations in dye lots, we cannot guarantee an exact color match. If the color match is not acceptable to you, you may choose to receive a refund of the purchase price of this Plan and this Plan will terminate.

If stain removal or repair is not possible, we will replace the stained or damaged piece of furniture with the same model. If the same model of the original item is no longer available, you may select replacement items having a total price equal to or greater than the price of the piece being replaced. If the total everyday selling price of the replacement items are greater than the original purchase price of the item being replaced, you are responsible to pay the difference plus applicable tax. Within 10 days from the date we agree to replace the furniture, you must accept delivery of the replacement.  

Under this Plan, we are only responsible for replacing the stained or damaged piece, not any furniture which matches, was bought with, or is part of a collection together with the replaced piece. If by operation of the preceding sentence of this Plan one piece of your collection would be replaced with a piece that does not match the piece(s) of the same collection you purchased at the same time and for which you also purchased coverage by this Plan, you have the one-time opportunity, exercisable at our sole discretion at the time the replacement is selected, to replace the other piece(s) of your collection (the "Other Pieces") upon your payment of a Usage Fee. The "Usage Fee" shall be equal to the greater of twenty percent (20%) of the original invoice price of the Other Pieces or two percent (2%) of the original invoice price of the Other Pieces for each month (or partial month) between the date of delivery and the date of your claim under this Plan. 

Coverage on Furniture Item

Plan coverage ends on the furniture item once it has been replaced one time. This Plan does not cover replacement furniture we provide, nor may Platinum Protection Plan coverage be purchased for such replacement furniture. Furniture covered by the Plan that has not been replaced remains covered during the Term of the Plan. As used in this paragraph, "replaced" furniture includes furniture stained or damaged and covered by this Plan, as well as any Other Pieces you replace by paying a Usage Fee. 

Returned Furniture

Furniture being returned is our property, and will be picked up at our discretion when the new furniture is delivered. Failure to surrender the furniture at the time of delivery of the replacement furniture will stop delivery of the replacementfurniture and result in the termination of your rights regarding that furniture under this Plan. 

Delivery Fee

You are responsible for the delivery fee on the original purchase, as well as a delivery fee for replacement furniture under this Plan. 

What this Plan Covers

In exchange for your purchase of this Plan, we agree to provide cleaning, protection and repair service through one of our authorized service technicians for the following covered occurrences (see above).

Where this Plan Covers

Platinum Protection coverage is available to anyone who lives in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Rhode Island and is purchasing furniture from a Raymour and Flanigan showroom or We do not offer coverage on rugs and home decor items, which include lamps, wall art and florals.

What This Plan Does Not Cover
  • Stains or damages other than those specifically listed in the section of this Plan titled “What This Agreement Covers".
  • Any loss covered under any homeowners or other insurance policy you maintain.
  • Damage caused by scratches.
  • Stains or damage, including color loss, caused by cleaning methods other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Stains or damage caused by, or the result of, mold or mildew.
  • Odors.
  • Stains or damage caused by independent contractors such as, but not limited to, maintenance personnel, painters, or other repair or contractor services.
  • Damage caused by animal beaks, teeth, or claws.
  • Damage caused by fire, smoke, flood or other natural disaster, theft or vandalism.
  • Damage caused by structural problems or appliance malfunctions such as, but not limited to, leaks from air conditioners, skylights, roofs, water heaters, or water pipes.
  • Furniture that is used for commercial, institutional or rental purposes.
  • Furniture that has been mishandled, neglected, or abused.
  • Furniture sold "as is" or floor samples.Stains or damage caused by normal soiling from everyday use or a stain or soil buildup over time including body, hair, or suntan oils (signs of soiling include, but are not limited to, darkened areas where the head, arms, and legs come in contact with the upholstery). This Plan does not provide for overall cleaning. 
  • General maintenance including regular professional cleaning of the furniture is your responsibility.
  • Damage caused by wear such as, but not limited to fading, seam separation, stress tears, or loss of foam resiliency on all types of furniture; pilling or fraying of fabric; color loss or cracking and peeling of leather or vinyl; stitching on mattresses or box springs.
  • "X" Cleaning Code fabrics and Non-Colorfast Fabrics and Leathers.
  • Natural leather markings such as, but not limited to, scars, insect bites, brand marks and wrinkles. 
  • Handles on mattresses. Structural damage or sagging due to an inappropriate bed frame. Mattress damage due to use of an inadequate foundation or box spring.
  • Human and animal bodily fluid stains (covered only on mattresses and mattress protectors).
  • Furniture showing signs of infestation, including but not limited to insects, rodents, termites and cockroaches.
  • Replacement furniture we provide to you is not covered by this Plan.
Definitions of Coverage


Limited to cigarette, cigar, or pipe tobacco burns and burn marks not caused by a fire

Non-Colorfast Fabric or Leather

Fabric or leather that has color loss when cleaned according to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Normal Indoor Household Setting

A permanent and stationary domestic residence. Furniture that is exposed to outdoor elements is not covered.


Tearing of the upholstery.

Seam Separation

An upholstery seam that comes unstitched or unglued.

Stress Tear

Tearing or ripping of upholstery within a 1/2 inch of, and parallel to, the seam line.


Process of raising fibers on flesh-side of hide to give a nap effect by buffing.

Wood and Other Hard Surface Furniture

Furniture such as, but not limited to: solid wood, wood veneers, laminated finishes, polyester, lacquer, marble, tile, stone, faux stone, leather, glass and metal. 

“X” Cleaning Code

Fabrics with this cleaning code can only be vacuumed and cannot be cleaned with any type of cleaner.

Limited Services Warranty

Disclaimer of Warranties

We warrant only that the services will be performed in a professional and skillful manner. No other express warranties are provided to you. Any implied warranties are limited to the term of this Plan. No other information or advice (written or oral) provided to you by us, our employees or our contractors will create a warranty by us or increase the scope of this Plan. This plan gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Limitation of Liabilities

Our limit of liability for any claim under this Plan is the cost to repair your covered product in accordance with the terms of this Plan, not to exceed the retail purchase price of the covered product. Please note, under no circumstances are we liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages, even if we are informed of their possibility. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of such damages, so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply to you.

General Terms
A. Cancellation 

1. You may cancel this plan for any reason by sending a written notice including the Plan and a copy of your invoice to:

    Raymour & Flanigan Furniture
    7248 Morgan Road
    P.O. Box 220
    Liverpool, NY 13088

    Attn: Platinum Protection Plan Administrator   

2. We may cancel this Plan for fraud, material misrepresentation, or non-payment by you or if required to do so by any regulatory authority. Notice of such   cancellation will be in writing at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to cancellation. If we cancel, your refund will be based upon 100% of the unearned pro rata premium.

B. Transferability
This Service Contract is non-transferable.

C. Obligations of the Provider Under this Service Contract are Backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the Provider.

    The provider may be contacted as follows:
    R&F Furniture Protection Company, LLC
    7248 Morgan Rd.
    P.O. Box 220
    Liverpool, NY 13088

D. Modifications
Any modifications to this Plan must be in writing and signed by a Raymour & Flanigan authorized party. No manager or sales associate may modify the terms of this Plan.

E. Individaul State Disclosures
Connecticut Only: The expiration date of this Plan shall automatically be extended by the duration that the covered product is in our custody while being repaired. You may pursue arbitration to settle disputes. You may mail your complaint to: State of Connecticut, Insurance Department, P.O. Box 816, Hartford, Connecticut 06142-0816, Attention: Consumer Affairs. The written complaint must describe the dispute, identify the price of the product and cost of repair, and include a copy of this Plan. 

F. Contact Administration

    This Plan is administered by:
    Raymour & Flanigan
    7248 Morgan Road
    P.O. Box 220
    Liverpool, NY 13088
    Attn: Platinum Protection Plan Administrator